In Defense of Flash Fiction

I’m routinely asked why I continue to write flash fiction.

I routinely respond by saying that flash fiction allows me to explore and ‘try on’ new ideas, characters, and genres while I work on more lengthy projects behind the scenes.

This summer, I discovered a fantastic visual analogy courtesy of Mother Nature and Aunt Agriculture. Continue reading “In Defense of Flash Fiction”

Midsummer In The Shades

Beneath midnight skies as dark and riotous as her lover’s eyes, the cloistered garden welcomes her with twisted limbs and tattered leaves. A fingernail moon rakes her elegant spine as she follows the path to a black slate dais ringed by fruit-heavy trees.

She pauses beside a specimen laden with plump ripe fruit, inhales its heady summer ambrosia, and plucks a succulent crimson globe. With practiced hands, she splits the leathery skin, scoops out several lustrous pips, and flings the ravaged husk skyward.

A voice like thunder rumbles from the dais. “Hiding from your mother?”
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